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Same camera, different results: The two images above were taken with the exact same high-quality Nikon camera. The "before" image is a straight "point and shoot" shot with little consideration given to proper exposure, no supplemental lighting, and no post-production (Photoshop) work. Notice the strange color cast, the crooked vertical lines, and the general dreary feel of the space.

The "after" image - in addition to being professionally staged - includes professional lighting for interior photography, precise camera exposure, and post-production work to straighten the lines and set the proper color. The result is much more warm and inviting - and certainly more likely to draw in prospective buyers.


before after interior photography

These two images are perfect examples of what professional real estate photography and staging can do.

The homeowner struggled with selling this condo for over a year. They put very little effort into staging and provided poorly done snapshots of the home's interior, which meant they received little traffic. Finally, their real estate agent convinced them to hire me (along with an professional home staging company) to transform the look of the place. The photo on the right is the result of their decision.

The unit sold shortly after for more than $50,000 the original asking price.

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